From the 1st April to the 3rd May I cycled from Thessaloniki (Greece) to Tallinn (Estonia) a distance of 3000 KM, raising money for Montgomeyshire Wildlife Trust.

100 KM a Day, 30 Days, 3000 KM, 9 Countries, 3 Time Zones

Blog posts for everyday of the trip.

Further information about raising money for Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust and to help raise money and donate Click Link Below

A - Start Destination - Thessaloniki (Greece)
B - End Destination - Tallinn (Estonia)

The map below shows the start and end destinations of the route we took.

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I carried a SPOT GPS Tracker with me so that you could follow my progress throughout the tour, which was displayed on Google Maps via a link.

Team Mate / Touring Partner


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Weather Report Eastern Europe Click link Below.

Photo Video Of the Trip